Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting healthy up in the hood

"Two pits walk into a bar..."

Look at these two!!!!!!! HILARIOUS! The girl on the left is Julia the dog, and the girl on the right is Allison, aka Julia's Auntie!

Allison's sister Andrea is so freaking funny. Her and her husband adopted Julia and well, treat her like the princess that she is. Andrea posted this on Facebook and EVEN TODAY, DAYS LATER, I'm still laughing. The look on both their faces is priceless. I just couldn't resist posting this.

It's been a while since I posted my health report.

I finally got the call from my neuro nurse that my MRI "looks a lot better" than last time. Naturally I asked "is it (Veruca Salt) still there?" The nurse said "The doctor just said to tell you it looks a lot better and to come in for a followup." Keywords for: we want more of your money.

There has only been one other doctor in my lifetime of health ills that I have not liked. He was my first oncologist who worked at the charity hospital I went to during chemo. He was very arrogant, he worked pro bono at the hospital (allegedly) and I was one of many people he rushed out the door. BTW I see him at Starbucks almost every time I go and I just shudder.

While I like my neuro as a person, I think she's kind of wishy washy as a doctor. She called me when she thought what was on my brain was a tumor saying "I have bad news, it's a tumor." I wonder why she didn't just have me come into the office to tell me that? She could have gotten money out of me and it would have lessened the blow.

Then it's been a matter of maybe you have this, maybe you don't. And don't get me started on her nurse and the fact that it takes two weeks to get a return call.

So if Veruca decides to give me any more problems, I'm going to a neurologist my GOOD oncologist refers me to.

As for my symptoms, I am 99.9 percent normal. Every now and then I get a twinge in my jaw, but it's for a second. Sometimes when I put my makeup on, I feel weirdness in my cheek, but even that is short-lived.

I honestly don't know what I had. I do believe I'm lucky and blessed to come away from this OK.

Since finding out I was going to be OK a couple of months ago, I have tried to turn my health around. This has been a baby step process. It has sucked and it has been wonderful all at the same time.

* I am on Week 8 of the couch to 5k program. After Week 6, I fell off the wagon. Not because I wanted to quit, but things (sleepless nights with Emily) kept coming up. I'd run only once a week. So technically by this point I should be finished, but I still have four more runs.

Now I'm quite sure I'm not running 3 miles, but I am running a good 28 minutes. I am able to run straight through.

My knees have held up great. Halfway through I always think, you know Wendyisreading, there are the same benefits if you'd just walk. But no, that's not true, because I am getting a very good lung workout.

* I'm going to start the Gateway to 8k next! The end-goal here is to run for 50 minutes or an 8k. It is a 10-week program which you can get on a podcast.

I am not sure if I'll finish the program, but I want to give it a go. I'm concerned that if I don't keep up with a "program" that has a "goal" I'll go back to being a "couch potato."

Unfortunately I have not lost weight. In fact I've gained a couple of pounds. I realized the last two weeks that I am just spinning my wheels. Sure, I can run 28 minutes, but I'm not fueling my body properly, I'm still eating crap and I'm still not the good health example I want to be for Emily.

* Butttttttttttttttttt, I'm on my SIXTH DAY OF NO SODAS!!!! My poor tummy yelled and complained enough that I finally listened. IBS became the boss of me and I just couldn't take it anymore. So last Friday, boom, I gave it up cold turkey.

It actually hasn't been as hard this time as it has in the past. No migraines, no really really bad irritability. But I must admit, it has been incredibly hard mentally.

Crawfish and water just don't go together. I've had cravings for fast food, but I'd have to get water or nothing and it's just not as appealing. I die some mornings for that Dr. Pepper at work. I hear the pop top on somebody's drink and I almost run out the room.

I think it is very similar to drug withdrawals. Although obviously not as bad and this is not as dramatic as that. But it has been a tough tough process to give this up.

* My stomach: 70 PERCENT BETTER. HELL YEAH! But, my downfall are still the sweets. This week I've focused on not going to the vending machine at all. So far so good. But, I've had cake frosting from Rich's cupcakes, I've had Cheese Its, I've had ughhhhhhhhhhhhh Pop Tarts. But no candy bars, no chips, no crap gummy "fruit".

I haven't even told my friends about what I'm trying to do here. If you've been a reader of the blog, you know, you know, that I tend to fail on most health goals. So I wanted to be sure it "took" before I said well all right me!

I'd like to give credit where credit is due also for my no soda goal. Mrs. V from TheNotSoSkinnyNewlywed! became my inspiration when I want to give in. She gave up soda in March and quit cold turkey. Her addiction was Diet Coke. She has lost a lot of weight, has felt much better and saw a lot of good things for her body that came from giving up the sodas. I always think of her and what she's accomplished when I want to give in.

More inspirations are my friends Traci from TheTraciChronicles and Allison. Both of them cut back on the Dr. Peppers and Cokes. Allison went cold turkey for Lent.

Things I've noticed since giving up the sodas, even for this short amount of time:
* I've been incredibly thirsty. I think I was so dehydrated from all the soda that it has literally taken me days to quench my thirst. I know I'm not diabetic, so I think my body might be taking in the goodness of water.
* My stomach has been tons less bloated. This has been great. I am still having some IBS issues. Cutting back on dairy is the next goal. But I don't feel like I'm about to deliver a can of soda any day now since cutting out the drinks.
* I am sleeping a tad better. Days I run I sleep a lot better, but I do not feel as wired when it's time for bed.
* My skin is improving. I've always had breakouts and even in this short amount of time, that is getting better.

I can't say I'll never have a soda again, but for now, I can say with confidence, I'm over it. I've gone six months before without one, so I'm going to aim for that again. The problem is I know if I have one, one cheat, I'll be addicted again.

What have you had to conquer with food or sodas? Are you trying new things to have better health? Are there any fitness goals you have currently?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're doing well with giving up the soda!

    I never made it past week 3 of C25K, so congrats on making it so far!

  2. YAY WENDY!!! All wonderful news!!! Yesterday, I was really craving a DP. Not sure what the deal is. I think because I'm so tired but I refrained.

  3. Ahhh, there's SO MUCH good stuff packed intot this post I don't know where to begin!

    I'm so happy to hear Veruca Salt is disappearing, You're doing a kick-ass job with the running and eating.

    Giving up Diet coke is one of the best things I've ever done. (OK, I still order them on the rare occassion I'm in a restaurnt, which is also few and far between these days) All those years of runners trots? Gone. Damn soda. If there was ever a good reason to give it up that's the best :)

    Despite the obstacles, you've done really well with C25k.... and after 8k them you have to make it to 10K right? :)