Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm watching now

So to keep the blog from being a source of complete utter medically-centered nonsense, I have tons of topics I plan on blogging about. I like to read my own words, what can I say, I'm vain like that. haha!

I can say for once and maybe the only time in my life, I don't have a lot of time for television. If you knew me 2 years ago, you couldn't believe I said that. My schedule, as is everybody's, is pretty laid out when I get home from work.

Usually goes like this: cook, clean, spend a bit of time with Emily, give her a bath, get her to bed and have about an hour or so to relax or do bills or whatever else needs to be done.

The DVR is a joke. A complete joke! I have almost an entire season of Up All Night and this season's Modern Family. We are watching an episode of season 2 from the poor neglected NetFlix dvd here and there. My brilliant plan was then to watch the entire third season from the DVR! yay me!

What I LOVEEEEEE right now is Once Upon A Time.

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That little hussie right there is the evil queen, played by Lana Parrilla. She is perfect for this role! The show is sort of like Lost, in that there are two worlds existing. The storybook world and the modern world. All the characters in the show come from a fairy tale and have no idea that they are fairy tale characters. The evil queen cast a curse and bam, they are all living in this modern world. I enjoy the backstories (oh crap another Lost reference) since I love fairy tales. Nobody has a happy ending though, at least not yet.

And for that trashwad guilty pleasure show: The Housewives of Orange County!

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This is the only photo I could really find that includes the new girl that I sort of like. Heather Dubrow, whose husband is a plastic surgeon. Heather herself, is worth $4 million and the hubs is worth $8 million according to sources. None of whom I know personally. But I think she is just what the show needs to get the focus off Vicki and Gretchen.

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Bethenny Ever After made its return this week. The first episode, I gotta say, was kind of tense?? Apparently the world thinks Jason is THE perfect husband and we all know that's probably not the case. But it really rakes on Bethenny's nerves.

Even though B sold her SkinnyGirl margarita company to Jim Beam, the girl is strapped for cash ... and office space! A lawsuit has her monies on hold and her empire that is growing rapidly has no place to work. It is INSANE to me how expensive those New York apartments are when they are really teeny tiny houses.

I find myself going in and out of Bethenny phases. Sometimes I think she's too much of a motormouth and I think shut up already! But then other times I can relate to her a lot since she has a baby whose a month older than Emily and she is a nervous person. I do like her ambition though and she certainly has made the most out of her time on Housewives.

She is 40 and sadly announced she had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. She is trying to figure out if her second baby window is up. I can relate to that for sure. That is for another post, but my baby window has basically been shut down due to Veruca Salt, but also due to my age, money and so many other factors.

What are your favorite shows? Does your DVR look like a tv library and the hubs rolls his eyes at you when you see you have 30 shows recorded?


  1. I love Bethenny and the entire Real Housewives franchise! I love anything on Bravo!