Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I've been up to

I want to use the blog as sort of a journal of what goes on with my family. I'm going to try to include pictures whenever I can because I find when I read other people's blogs, I love their pictures!

Emily is five months old now. It's hard to believe time has really flown. I've packed four boxes of her clothes already. I sure hate to do that because some are cute and I like the way she looks in them! haha. But it is true, they do grow up fast.

So far we have figured out the following about Emily: she likes watching football and baseball (we assume she likes the colors on the tv), she is a nosy rosy at daycare, she likes her baths, she likes her hair to be brushed and she sleeps like she is getting a tan at the beach.

She still has not quite mastered rolling over. We bought this mat to help her get more tummy time. It is one that is like a puzzle. It has pieces that spell out the alphabet. My only complaint about it is the letters can pop out, so we are going to have to watch those pieces carefully that she does not put them in her mouth. But for now, while she's learning to turn over and crawl, it's perfect.

We did buy that mat, but we received so many toys and other items like this walker from our friends. This looks like a walker, but I guess it's really an activity set. My sister's friend gave this to us. She used it for her daughter and Emily seems to really have fun with it. And it wears her out! haha!

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